Secure File Transfer Made Easy

No ScreenShot, Auto Delete, No Forwarding

Wanted to Share files with other without allowing them to save the Media? Here's a Solution, through which you can Share any confidential media to others without allowing them to save media and file sharing.

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App Features

Some of core features of DabFile App

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No Screenshot

Sending images, videos and other files without being screenshot which support any media type files.

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Auto Deleting

All the sharing will be end-to-end encrypted , Once your shared files are received or seen, they are deleted instantly from server.

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Prevent Forwarding

Media forwarding is restricted here . Only Person you shared with will see your file.

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Easy Login

Multiple login options like through phone numbers ,facebook Google. Which is just a single click methods

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you can share your file link on any app like Whatsapp,fb messenger or any other social media platform.

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App allow you to customise various setting options for more secure transfer

Compression (Optimising media files) can be turn off/on

Media Preview for Links can be set to hide

File name encryption can be enable to disable

Set your own expiration time from minimum of 10 mins to 60 mins.

Supported Platforms

android platform
ios platform
web platform

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Dabfile is an application that meets all your expectation of sending your files and documents to specific recipients.File and link sender – quick and easy send options . share it with your friends at no time